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Terra Bistro is truly committed to the highest quality natural and organic ingredients available.

Our Chefs diligently research the origins, treatment, cultivation, and harvest methods of everything we purchase. The heart and soul of Terra Bistro lies in our dedication to forming alliances with farmers, ranchers, fisheries, and suppliers who care for their ingredients and products in accordance with our core values. As a result, our recipes and menu items are developed from a foundation of perfect beginnings.

OG2 = 90% Organic

Approximately 90% of our ingredients are cultivated using certified organic methods.

House Crafted & Cultivated

We’re growing your quinoa sprouts right here in our kitchen. Also in-house, Ben is brewing his “Crazy Bald Head” Ginger Beer and Hard Grape Soda, and he is Barrel Aging Whiskey for your “Old Fashioned Sour” – all showcased on our specialty cocktails list.




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Heading to the free concert tonight? Remember your picnic! Try some pastries from Alpenrose Restaurant and Bakery and a Swiss Hotdog from the Blue Cow. Then stop at Terra Bistro for a cocktail on the way to the show. If not then You will be jealous of the people who did! (3 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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